the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory

Genesis 11

a second Babel

Now the whole world had
ICT and mobile networks and
inevitably spoke at least broken English
and their numbers filled the Earth

They said to each other everything
all the time, by blog, by tweet and mobile,
they said that which came to pass,
small and large, good and bad together

But the LORD came down to see
and hear the constant babble
He said “they communicate like us;
something happens on Earth, and all know it”

And the LORD said “they know all facts
at once and could become like gods but
they have not the hearts for it. Look, they
become confused and know not what to do”

So the LORD watched as the world
reaped the harvest of what they had made.
From news, fear; from fear, anxiety and they chased
comfort and stifled their children to fight it.

And the whole world waits and worries, knowing,
never understanding while the air still fills
with the chatter of trivia and tragedy. The LORD
waits also.


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