the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory

The gardens of paradise

Outlined against a purpling sky, fat
insects labour through water-soft air
matching muted clattering sounds
with storm-loosened palm fronds.
Vapoured breezes push through
flyscreens caressing busy humans in
incandescent rooms.

Chromate moon silhouettes a king of
eucalypts, massive shadowed branches
praying skyward, nature in reluctant
battle with angular shapes of light
from the signs and windows of
suburbia. Behind the lunar lighthaze,
Orion’s southern twin cartwheels
through the eastern sky.

in dawnlight, tended gardens emerge
from sharpening shadows.
Meticulously weed-free woodchips are
haven to fledgling bushland, knee-
high natives promising the meditative
comfort of wilderness, a planted
paradise edging closer, truer, more
like love itself, between house and street.

Last true revision 4 March 2010


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