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thumb index

A and her family are neighbours;
All the Bs, a mix of old friends and new, from close to distant.
One cherished Mr C adds Ms B and a new address; another has left Mrs C a young widow.
Some Ds are no longer together; we worry that some Es may follow. There are no Fs, and Gs are ex-neighbours, family of friends; our circles intersect infrequently. Two Hs are neighbourhood friends and related; a Ms H was a friend, now forsaken by the relentless inertia of drawing apart. ‘I’s  are blank, and the lone Js are like the Gs and related to them too.
One Ms K, no longer seen, has only a first name. The other and her daughter are like us, sans man. Ls are two sets of friends, neither close, one old and one new. Three Ms are occasional friends, and retired neighbours; the first, though, a friend long-standing and formative, albeit seldom seen.
The sole Ns are close; good friends for many years but at a distance. Friendship with the first Os is similarly close, and we see them often. A Mrs O was a neighbour. Two Ps are one family never close and seldom seen; the others mentors, distant in time and geography.
Unsurprisingly, no Qs except questions.
The Rs are many, being mostly related and far away; the rest are occasional friends and colleagues, old and new. Most of the Ss are family too; as far as the Rs but closer. The non-related Ss are closer friends. The Ts repeat one L and one club acquaintance.
V is for a loved one, lost, and a friend seldom seen but none the less intimate for it..
The Ws are a hierarchy of closeness; two old school friends, one treasured, one perplexing; the others, colleagues and sojourners who drifted away. XYZ only has a single Y; among them all the only disciple.

Last true revision: 4 March 2010


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  1. the title of this one has been changed… I suspect the original title invited spam 😐

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