the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory

on the edge of cool

morning on the frayed edge of cool fashionable hopes
well-placed behind the plain red-brick façade looming
halls still resonating with American preacher and hints of
upper middle trousers on plastic stacking chairs / all the
usual requirements are met bewildering advertising
outside the door no menu just worship words and a
mission statement like the council two doors down and
definitely no promise of espresso / life as God intends for
a few hundred elect mostly not from around here anyway
who’d want to live on a busy street like this the Saturday
nights would be unbearable / walking past the two closed
sets of double doors Sunday in January a jingling of faint
gospel pop fades to the natural chatter of pedestrian
crossings, chocolatiers and tanned grey-haired couples
sipping herbal teas across newspapers / downhill
aerodynamic railway station roofline arches glass and
grey metal over pigeons nodding sharply away from
skater chicks and the Thai family with two boxes of
vegetables / and the bearded middle aged guy locks his
bicycle to a street post squints at the sun over the
market checks his pocket and walks inside into the crowd


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