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haiku/senryū from Godzone

September 2004

peacock-feathered bride
treads carefully on wet grass
– congregation shivers
wet falling snow
fairytale bride and groom
kiss once, then smile
the southern sky
an ocean of steely cloud
daffodils swaying
tulip leaf, dark earth
silver droplets over green
further back, birdsong
timbers creak
bitter breeze gusts northward
dark gull labours south
television blares
four friends gather to eat
conversations stumble
over sea and desert
telephone line links friends
between voices, birdsong
poignant lines of verse
describe the visible world
— touching the unseen
depths of dark river
under my feet, pale fins flash
sleek trout caught napping
refrigerator door
enough milk for children
inside, I smile
fuzz-flowered willows
squeeze soft frog-green leaves
from bulging buds
smoke and Chinese spice —
smiling dark-haired families
volley shuttlecocks
crooked mountain teeth
gaps overflow with moist cloud
sunrays shine silver
seven fat kereru
perch, wet, on streetlights
omens of joy
iridescent kereru
perched secure in icy wind
Buddhas with feathers
sundance on river
dark fins rise and fall
dolphins’ soft breath
a ring of bellbirds
invisible forest choir
sings hymns of peace
aunt and her niece
share red hair and secrets
the youngster smiles

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2 thoughts on “haiku/senryū from Godzone

  1. “over sea and desert
    telephone line links friends
    between voices, birdsong”
    awww beautiful

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