the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory


Australia Day at the local hardware store
and I conspire with a gush of grim faces
making their purchase in pursuit of the
Home Beautiful

the only smile I see is unrelated to the
improvement of our solid houses as a
mother entices her toddling son across
the shop floor

at the checkout I pass a small television-
shaped plastic tag and agree to a small
debt as the manager decides she will
need four counters open today

I ride home past an elegant address and
a poor immigrant father and son stop as
the small boy lingers in the driveway like
he wants to live there instead


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2 thoughts on “Hardware

  1. This is probably a dumb quesion, and one I could probably google, but what is “Australia Day”? My sister-in-law is from Australia, so you’d think I’d know such things…but I don’t.

    • Hi – Australia Day is the official national day of Australia (26 January, a public holiday in all states). The date commemorates the arrival of the “First Fleet” of British settlers at Sydney Cove in 1788. Typically celebrated with gatherings of family and friends and public fire work displays.

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