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schoolyard racing

In the time it takes to ride my bicycle the width of this school, I watch them: two girls about eight or nine years old, set to race to the boundary fence. An unseen signal, and they’re running; the elfin brunette with natural speed and grace and rhythm outpacing the tall blonde girl like she was born to run, and the other running self-consciously, like she needs to think about every step, like speed is a borrowed coat. Half-way, already strides ahead, the dark-haired speedster breaks her step, turns a full and perfect cartwheel – she doesn’t care that her friend has caught and passed her, that her seizing of this timeless moment has cost her the race but not her friendship. The tall girl reaches the fence, arms raised in victory, while her little friend, now just a step behind, coasts in, happy with the way things have gone.

[2001 sometime]


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2 thoughts on “schoolyard racing

  1. a wonderful display of friendship, done in a cool way, full of style & grace. a pleasing piece

  2. Thank you! 🙂 Your phrasing in ‘Tomorrow’ was great- I’ll post a comment there, should’ve done that yesterday
    – Dan

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