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twenty-first century blues (version 2)

Just for fun. Version 1 was written about ten years ago.

got weary feet and an aching back
lost my sleep and it’s not comin’ back
not good at shakin’ them sad, heavy shoes
moanin’ ‘bout twenty-first century blues

espressocan’t kick the coffee, too fond of the booze
too many addictions gettin’ too hard to lose
too many decisions, can’t possibly choose
sufferin’ from twenty-first century blues

long nights are hot and there is no rain
and nothin’s ever gonna be the same
world’s goin’ crazy – hate watchin’ the news
cryin’ ‘bout twenty-first century blues


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2 thoughts on “twenty-first century blues (version 2)

  1. pleasing to the eye
    reads like a song.

    • thank you; several weeks back I did get a chance to sing it. It’s still a bit loose; the tune is fairly fluid, but then that’s the blues for you.

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