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Somewhere between the extremes
of public nakedness in shame-filled dreams
and the occasional
middle-class angst of over-possessiveness
lies a balanced freedom;
for the man in mid-life who, on a
narcissistic whim, starts wearing
an earring again, losing it all except the
accidental contents of his car – wife,
daughter, guitar, a full tank and we’re off
on the apocalyptic road, into a timid new
world depopulated by rapture, plague,
or war, from which
mercifully, we have been spared,
for now. The same man, this time
wearing a domestic, pragmatic hat, steps towards
nakedness paradoxically;
radically, but more subtly; by plunging,
ego-first, into eternity, full
of the fear of subsumption



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7 thoughts on “exposure

  1. Wow. Once again
    I can relate to that of which you speak, sir.
    thanx for dropping by my joint, I like yrs.

  2. Hello again! – and thanks, once more. I’m guessing you’re from the US? – one of the few other countries where, with Down Under here, “…off / on the apocalyptic road…” might make some sense… so let’s submerge those egos, brother

  3. Evelyn on said:

    this is excellent, I wish I could hear it read but also understand it better.
    seems like there is more here than meets the eye.

  4. thanks Evelyn. It’s sort of about feeling bogged down in the stuff and baggage of 21st-century life, and how one could unburden oneself. The less spectacular unburdening is the hardest, of course. I truly appreciate your positive comments.
    best, Dan

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