the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory


at twelve, or thirteen,
listless, lying on my bed
by the window,
white vapours traversed the blue, a
perpetual evaporation
and coalescence powered
by the southern sun.

with an egocentrism fully
matching my years, I was
squinting clouds from the sky,
imagining other perplexed sky-gazers
left bemused
and wondering.

some weeks later my mother,
rediscovering earnest Christianity,
became enticed by a doctrine
embracing human dominion:
“God has made us so powerful, even
clouds will disappear
if we just pray”,
she recited.

I can still stare down the
flimsier clouds; as the years have
evaporated I squint hard,
still, at devout foolishness
which others gladly suffer;
all but the most Spartan creeds
discarded in search of a
gospel as true as the sky.


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9 thoughts on “skeptigenesis

  1. this is a good read, you’ve done good work here/ thanx again for sharing

  2. wow.

  3. I agree with the above comments. I always feel that a truly good poem deserves a substantial comment, but those are just the ones that leave one unable to comment. So thank you.

    • thank you Carroll. The journey since has been long and strange but in this and other stories the taste of grace has been there, usually subtly, and remembered after the event.

  4. I think grace is the space we live in, and so it is typically not noticed until after the events. There is so much of it that we cannot see it. Here we are having floods, not so bad as many other places, but the onions I put out last week are standing in an inch of water. This also is grace but I admit I cannot see it yet. I am gradually learning to anticipate seeing it someday.

    • namelessneed on said:

      Carroll, you’ve articulated your POV well, and I don’t need to warm up to it,
      it’s agreeable.But, I believe that Grace can be noticable as events occur.Beauty.
      By accepting what comes, by “not pushing the river” (an admittedly Taoist law)
      all happens.
      My christian upbringing included the notion “everything happens for a reason”
      We’ve all felt something like justice when when all is said and done, and time passes,
      we realize that the challanges we’ve encountered were so important to our standing firmer on the newest higher ground where we stand Now.

      • Absolutely, I agree. Grace can be noticeable as events occur; I think our eyes need training to notice it, and I am increasingly conscious of how weak my eyes are.
        And I see the validity in “not pushing the river” as an important general spiritual principle whether Taoist or Christian. I think there is another side to it as well, portrayed in that chapter of Genesis where Jacob wrestles with the angel all night, sort of pushing against the river. What do you make of that story? I think fighting God also leads to peace in the end, sometimes. And I think sometimes He picks a fight.

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