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standard deviation

StdDevin my day job
not remembering formulas is
a handicap;
each solution to the same problem
requires remembering
first principles, and
how to construct the algebra

this could be a
coarse metaphor for life,
I’m not sure if I can recall
the basic principles.
The same problems keep
recurring; how to love and respect
my wife;
how not to exasperate
my daughter

deprived of convenient formulae
it reduces to this;
the aimless scratching of
pencil on paper, trying
to derive a solution for
our condition


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11 thoughts on “standard deviation

  1. Evelyn on said:

    formulas and recipes…
    isnt there an easy way out there??

    “the aimless scratching of
    pencil on paper, trying”
    love this…

    • I wish. Oh, I think I do… have to ask myself whether I would actually be disciplined enough to follow a formula should I find a working/workable one.
      Thanks for the nice comment!

  2. And the variables keep changing…

    • Precisely! I naively thought that when I reached a certain (but, frustratingly, unspecified) age in my life that I might have figured things out enough to feel stable, content; wise, even. Instead I still seem to be perpetually pushing at the edge of something.
      Thanks for your comment on here; it’s good to “see” you.

  3. I think God is something like the oracle of Delphi, or rather the oracle of Delphi was something like the true God. You know you are a fool, so you ask God (who doesn’t find fault, we are told), you ask God for wisdom. And five years later you realize you are twice the fool you used to be and you wonder what happened. And then you realize He gave you what you asked for.

  4. i love, love this. formulas, especially algebraic, are so alluring.

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