the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory

autumn subtleties

at green fibre tips
points of forest-filtered light
– track-cutter’s wounds
Xanthorrhoea pruned
 a crowd of marris  standing ready
to catch us with their grandeur
hush! the east wind
 parched and brittle
a fur-like skin of moss waits
winter rain will come
 Dry moss in autumn
 Bark whorls kissed by embers
bark whorled like human skin
scars of identity

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7 thoughts on “autumn subtleties

  1. everybody loves haiku!
    what about some of the more unloved forms? piku? cinquain?
    sigh, but I must admit, all three are these are very impressive…

    • Thanks Evelyn… Yeah, I know, loads of people do haiku. Ho Hum. I haven’t tried piku (although lately yours have been enticing me to do so) and sorry but I don’t like cinqains, preferring tanka. But nature and haiku are hard to separate in my mind…

      • Evelyn on said:

        there are so many ways to flex those poetry muscles, arent they?
        do I know what a tanka is?
        the cinquain just seems so perfect to me…
        the piku is actually supposed to have some observation of “roundness” within your subject matter…so mine are obviously not traditional.
        nature doesnt speak to me as much as it does to others.

      • Evelyn on said:

        yes! I have written those. and the longer and short version of them!
        there is one that is 5-7-7 and one that is 5-7-5-7-5-7-7 I think…

  2. the way you laid these out reminds me of those cd covers – next is finding the piece of music that matches! (smile)

  3. Thanks! I agree – all the pics were taken close in space and time, and there was a song in the day; the verses in the photographs, bridged by birdsong and always the chorus of filtered sunlight. For me its theme song would have to be some cool, dreamy jazz like my friend Norman can do wonderfully

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