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prayer in the company of strangers

[warning – explicit christian religious content]

Mandorla2007having lived under your name for
thirty odd years now it strikes me
(You?) as fairly ironic that I don’t really
know who I’m talking to. Stranger still,
perhaps, that I write this, finding the
traditional spoken word, even the
purely thought, too strange when I am
alone. But enough about the methods
and my over-awareness of self; here I
am, as free of distractions as I can
lately imagine. Will You speak (will I
listen)? I am not sure of either; it
would be sweet irony indeed, should I
find You instead of myself; receive You
as my Answer. So: here I am; give me
ears to hear You, I pray (as prayer,
increasingly, seems to be what this is),
and for these strangers, I ask You that
I can give them my ear and my true
voice. Amen.



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4 thoughts on “prayer in the company of strangers

  1. You make me think of Isaiah 50:4.

    • Thank you Carroll. I had to look that one up. I’m not sure that I can live up to it…

      • It isn’t something you live up to. It is just something you are.
        Ultimately it is Messianic in import. But if we are being conformed to His image then I don’t think I am too far off to say I can sense it in you.

        • Well, OK. You have given me some authentic encouragement here; affirmation and calling at once. I do notice that I have a greater passion for the gospel as I get older. If that is being conformed to His image… bring it on. Thanks once again – you are writing such thoughtful comments, and I’m enjoying the poetry over at your place.

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