the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory


asceticgive me the hunger, bring it by choosing
the empty belly, caffeine depletion, low
spirited exchange with my adipose muse

wits sharpened, mystic, shaman-like
body punished into apostolic slavery
and tempted by delusions of control

fainting with inner strength, body
spare, pared, shrinking into holy and
imagined purity of spirit and mind while

all the time, the rude oscillation of dark,
light, yin, yang, flesh, spirit, appetite and
control. But the Wind blows where it will.



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4 thoughts on “less

  1. I really really like this. You make me embarrassed by my poor attempts. This one may be worth memorizing.

  2. Thank you again. Carroll. I had this in mind for several days, and it didn’t come out anything like I thought it would. Have been tending to over-think of late, hence the drought.

  3. Going thru a word drought?…It happens to the best of us…Best to stop pressing and let your Muse do her thing…

  4. “low
    spirited exchange with my adipose muse”
    fickle muses…

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