the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory


fishbonesubsonic growl births stomach-
pit anxieties, b-grade parasitic alien
insectoids pierce and possess in
the ear-splitting dark; slow-witted
evil twists, chestnut-spined, in half-

chestnutdreamed delirium, panic-morninged
insomnia caresses loneliness’s jealous
grasp, clawed, feathered, skeletal
fingers, hopesuckers, pirates and
murderers of faith’s high seas


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6 thoughts on “rumble

  1. The last two lines bring it all together and reverse the polarity. I love it.

    • Thanks Carroll! Much more fun to write about than to experience 😐 (Nice phrase “reverse the polarity” – you do your self a disservice, sir, viz your last comment on “less“)

  2. Sounds like a bad dream I had once…but with a Terry Gilliam twist…

  3. ” panic-morninged”
    yes. good stuff.

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