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past full

two days past full, an oddly flattened moon maintains a constant bearing as I walk, trying to only feel the walking, the moment, but thinking forward, back, over in time with insistent steps


with the moon at my back a meteor shoots, adding ions in a blazing death to thinnest air, ionosphere, and the there is no luck in its falling, only the type of fortune that sees walkers under lonely night-time skies


oval moon cuts tracks on the street opposite, along inhabited windows curtained against the cooling night and the creatures abroad in it; no place for me, not behind the traversing moon, neither, despite my earnest efforts to fit into a human mould, on this old and tired earth, unforgiving in its impassion


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5 thoughts on “past full

  1. Dan, I so love this, my fellow poet. One damn good job
    Thanx for a great read in the middle of a long night, Gary

  2. sorry about that “time lately”
    strength & clarity to you

  3. I am sorry you are going through a crazy angry time. The previous two poems indicate it as well. It is a “hard row to plow” my dad used to say, but the value to the rest of us in how you endure is very great and your poems make our rows easier to plow. Keep on walking. And if you need an extra mule, I qualify for that job.

  4. “despite my earnest efforts to fit into a human mould, on this old and tired earth”
    heavy sighs.

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