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leviathanthis is our normal way of living.
slowly, we built it, this god we thought
that we could control. It would do
justice in the world, reward with wealth and
comfort the strong and resourceful, the driven
and the inventive, the diligent and the lucky.
It would punish the indolent and the weak,
the unfortunate and the outcast, while
teasing them with the incentives of the good.
And it was ours; within our power to tame
and destroy. In our greed we began to question
and resent our own control; our dragon would
more willingly concede its store of gold unshackled
and, having won its freedom, our monster
flourished. Untamed, its acts became increasingly
random; the blessed were triply so, the accursed
received their due in poverty and squalor.
Slowly, in an ironic and obscene revolution,
the beast could again be reined by those
whom it had rewarded; power built power,
ignoring the destruction and death
visited upon the weak.

Everywhere in our world,
this is our normal way of living.


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8 thoughts on “leviathan

  1. We destory every beast by building a new beast that’s slightly less dangerous than the last…

  2. This is too true to comment on, other than, “Alas”. Well done. Eventually the god gets too big for the world and the succession of gods has all got to stop. Perhaps soon.

    • Thanks Carroll. Strange but once I had scheduled this post I read your ‘A Brief History of Idolatry‘ posts. A weird, but maybe timely, even serendipitous, coincidence. I think the succession of gods leads to one cause: us. We’re being allowed to continue in our present mess, for a while, but eventually…

  3. this? is a PERFECT piece of poetry.
    Wow, my friend.

    • mumble. Thank you Evelyn… of course I went from beaming pride, to self-doubt, then speechlessness, all in a nanosecond, after reading your comment. I’m very pleased that you liked it.

      • its an impossibly massive topic to tackle and you did it with ease (so it seems)…
        more please.

        • Well, thanks again. Many times over. Last week I submitted 5 poems to a poetry journal and all of them rejected. Not even a very flash journal, and I thought they were quite readable. If it wasn’t for the support I get through this blog I might take stock for a while…

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