the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory

senryū sighs

the orchids are back
– yellow Caladenia
piercing spring-warm soil


an ocean away
long white clouds beckoning me
from a red desert


lasting brief moments
half seen faces of lovers
disturbing your dreams


another coffee
fragrant steam rising upwards


nervous, I enter
the doctor prods and listens
recommends blood tests


lines traverse paper
a pattern of dark and light
from sunlight through blinds


a heart in silence
lonelier than the new moon
flickering through cloud

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4 thoughts on “senryū sighs

  1. wow, that last one especially…

  2. fine job/ it’s funny (intentional?) that yr verses appeared in different order in my email
    You shifted them perhaps?
    as always, yr words are of the shape and nature to naturally urge me to nod as i read
    thanx once again

    • I link to these on Facebook as well, so I changed the order as stanzas 3, 5 and 7 are not really the lines I want to come up on my FB wall. So the less personal ones get to go first. Thanks for reading & encouraging… peace, –D

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