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Garden brag book

Western Australia is a biodiversity hotspot – even in suburbia…
…and, yes, the photos below are really all taken in our own garden!


Spring Garden


Grevillea 'Superb'

Red Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos hybrid)

Red Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos hybrid)

Melaleuca fulgens

Melaleuca fulgens


Grevillea quercifolia

Pink Everlastings (Helichrysum sp.)

Pink Everlastings (Helichrysum sp.)

Fringed Lily (Thysanotus multiflorus)

Fringed Lily (Thysanotus multiflorus)



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10 thoughts on “Garden brag book

  1. So nice! And I have never before seen a single one except the pink everlastings. Victoria, my daughter, posted pictures she took of our garden a few weeks ago. I am not sure if you can access them, but the yellow flower is okra (my vote for most beautiful vegetable plant), the tall purple guys are amaranth, and the red ones are scarlet runner beans. You can see I tend toward edible beauties. Are any of the above food as well as ornamental?

    • Thanks! Not sure I can get to your daughter’s page… do you have a URL? None of the plants in my pics get eaten by humans, although insects or snails like them all :(. Many Australian plants are toxic to mammals (hopefully not in our garden!) as they contain fluoroacetate, a natural substance protecting them against grazing (native marsupials feel no ill effects, so the poison is used to kill feral foxes as cats (marketed as ‘1080’).

  2. fabulous and so lucky to have all of that in your garden…indeed, a “brag” book (smile).

  3. I have never heard of, let alone seen, a fringed lily before. It’s beautiful.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking some of my posts. I very much appreciate it.

    • Thank you… the fringed lily flower is small but beautiful, maybe 3cm across. It’s hard for me not to like your ‘prosetry’ posts – you have a wonderful writing voice and a fine poetic sense.
      Thanks, –D

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