the colour of our lives

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do not consider
me wise. Any
appearance has
arrived only by
circular argument; I
have studied only


do not assume
I have been
sanctified by suffering.
being both cause
and victim,
I suffer


do not expect
me to react
maturely to kind
encouragement; your
words call me
beyond all


do not hesitate
to find fault;
the alternative is
that you find me,
after all,


(for Carroll Boswell, who remains kind in the face of reticence)

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15 thoughts on “please

  1. i enjoyed the first and last stanza mostly…identifiable, i guess (smile). especially circular arguments.

  2. I’ve already told you I love this poem, and feel that I understand it from the inside. It is an honor that is undeserved, and that is another example of what the poem says.
    I must add that I think the picture you put with it is perfect.

  3. “do not expect
    me to react
    maturely to kind
    encouragement; your
    words call me
    beyond all
    yep, sigh, thats me…

  4. In a way, this sounds like an admonition to know one’s self but not too well…Probably not what you intended, but that’s what came into my mind…

  5. What I like most about this one is the shape of the stanzas. Another thing that I have always been keen to learn more about – I think that poems have a great realiance on their “physicality” (so to speak) and what you have done here really enhances and compliments the words. Marvellous! Any tips for me?

    • Thanks Louise – for visiting and for commenting. I don’t really have a plan of attack with any of my poetry, sorry. I’m a bit of a visual aesthetic snob I suppose, but there is no plan, it’s all pretty visceral. Sometimes I have the appearance of structure, sometimes even traditional form, sometimes it’s pretty much a blob. One rule of thumb, I suppose; I don’t like really long lines.
      Tips? even solicited advice can be dangerous. Speak your heart; Tim Winton once said something like “never avert your gaze”.

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