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birthday suit

A new theme to mark the first birthday of the colour of our lives.

As WordPress puts it…

Bold Life lends itself well to blogs and journals … [and it has a] … custom background feature, a custom header image, and a custom menu.

…and I liked the look of it. Plus it puts the categories and tags after the post – they were at the top in the last theme, and I never really liked that. And, to make the change really substantial, the old theme is no longer available…

mandorla header


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7 thoughts on “birthday suit

  1. Very nice. I am much too much an old codger to change my blog but you have done well with this.

  2. Ha! I have two thoughts about that

    1. I am surprised you use the word “codger” – my Dad first taught me that, and he’s a Cockney from the heart of London’s East End
    2. Sure, grey beard and all, but you think like a young man in his prime


    • You know, now I think about it, I can’t remember where I first heard the word. Probably some English novel.
      Thank you for saying I think like a young man. The trick is you don’t know how sloooow the process is.

  3. I love it!
    Its much more friendly in my opinion…

  4. AND! happy birthday!
    I just celebrated my year blogversary as well.
    and thanks for putting me on your blog roll.

    • Thanks Evelyn. It’s been a fun year, and hanging out with you and the others has been the highlight. Really; you’ve only been going just over a year?
      very best, –D

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