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please stop arguing

The cosmic constants align, just so,
and by mere existence generate
infinitesimal probabilities, lunged
towards by God’s self-appointed
collectors of irrefutables. Shrill
Dawkins countered that argument,
although it cost him the multiverse.
He carries now a debt of chance;
thoughtful credibility teeters once
more toward the theophiles, but their
arguments remain luke-warm
renditions of the full banquet. Even
amongst the faithful, the genealogies
of creation are endless; certainty may
not be deferred, and wilful ignorance
is an impermissible position. Logic
and higher reason, faith and dogma
tumble over one another, shaken like
dice in the cup Einstein rejected. The
proof we seek may never be found.


DanSomething appropriate for the exact first anniversary of this blog. Thanks to everyone who has read and commented, especially the regulars. Keep the faith!

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10 thoughts on “please stop arguing

  1. You are a seemingly inexhaustible source of gems like this. Wowie zowie, not to be glib, but this is really good.

  2. p. s. the Battlestar Galactica picture is the perfect go-with.

    • Yes, probably deliberately resembles paintings of the last supper. I’m not a Battlestar Galactica fan but liked the dystopian future feel of it, plus it looked like an intense discussion…

      • Yes, I tried watching Battlestar Galactica but abandoned it after season 1.22 – it was too dark and irritating. Normally I like a little darkness – that’s my native land after all – but making it irritating at the same time was just too much. Same reason I didn’t like Avatar: dark, irritating, and totally predictable. Oh well.

  3. Ah, OK… I would probably have enjoyed BG, since I liked Avatar. Never enough time though!

  4. ha! I love the little drawing…
    hey, wanna write for my form poetry only blog? let me know, I will set you up as a contributor

    • Ahh… OK, I’ll give it a crack. As you know, though, sporadic is my middle name.
      P.S. I thought about your Buddha Rocks gig, but I couldn’t see the time to even look through his photo catalogue.

      • Next time you can do the Buddha Rocks. you can do it this time, even if you just do one post!!!
        Right now, Im the only one that posts on it. Im not even sure it gets read. 🙂
        so I am also sporadic on it…

      • I need the email address you use for this blog.
        you can email it to me at [email address suppressed by Dan]
        Then I can set you up 🙂
        thank you so much!!! Im excited!

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