the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory


when the blue bicycle gets
it does sometimes, Neverman walks
loosely of limb, tight
of mind. earworms:
existential, the same fat tired old
questions hacking up,
phlegmatic clichés, clouded
dullness of a demon’s

there are no con
versations only acolytes
thin, dutiful smiles on
shiny sleeves but
never hearts. fury is
in his house tonight and
god he
needs to sleep,
please, explaining
the missing bicycle. maybe

soft lonely
shoes pad, pad, head
up, stand
tall, just
in case, and never the
same path
twice, or someone may
notice, under a
perplexing sky where,
still, the meteors do
not come.


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4 thoughts on “only

  1. brilliant. utterly brilliant.

  2. I’ve got to think about this one more. It is excellent, but I can’t figure out what I think. And I’m still thinking about the previous one. The last two lines caught me entirely by surprise when I thought I was beginning to understand. That is the mark of brilliance, as Evelyn said.

  3. Your Never man is so intriguing. I love YOUR IMAGINARY MIND! 😀

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