the colour of our lives

poetry • celebration • faith • nature • humanity • imperfections • glory


years or only
minutes into a
future-spiked present
an older version of
someone with no
tears on his face
rides Neverman’s exact bicycle
angling across his
darkstep path and, in a
moment, gone

above the dark house, God
laughs. a star falls.


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9 thoughts on “postscript

  1. This is about ghosts, of one kind or another. I think. I do not quite know how to take “God laughs” yet.
    You get more expert at what you do each time you do it. “Expert” sounds better to me than “professional”, but I am searching for a better word. Maybe “precise”? You are increasingly skilled and effective and this post is proof.

  2. this Neverman concept is so intriguing…

  3. I think this is wonderful – the last line is especially gripping. I love the way it sort of grinds to a halt with “a star falls.” Love it! 🙂

  4. The more I read these last two posts the more I like them. And the less I can contribute an intelligent comment. Yes, “a star falls” is perfect, but I cannot say why.

  5. I, too, am very much intrigued by ‘Neverman’. Both these poems are beautifully written, and bleakly questioning. I don’t think you offer any false comfort and that is part of their strength and power. ‘God laughs’, is quite chilling in this context. I feel that you could write much more to follow on from this. There is much more to explore and experience on Neverman’s journey, I feel.

  6. Thank you everyone, for your comments on postscript and only
    The poem [mostly] describes an actual event; even, perhaps, God’s laugh, although I don’t know how to be sure about that.
    Neverman and his ephemeral blue bicycle will definitely be around for a while.

  7. God
    laughs. a star falls.

    I can’t shake off the shivers. Great poem.

  8. Spine Chilling. Powerful. And yes, Neverman concept is intriguing!!!

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