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westward leading


North Shore Strip

“I’m back”,
he said, “and
those in the know will
figure out,
from the photographs,
where I’ve been”, with
that annoying smirk and
wink of those with


The Other Sydney Rocks


Rock Water Fish Flower


Willy Wagtail Nesting


Stones Middle Earth


Fir Needles


Pines: Look Up


Piney Toadstool


Hills, Hazy


Sky Moon Clouds Hills


Mount Isobel


Middle Earth Sunset Sky


Bug Tracks


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9 thoughts on “westward leading

  1. Indigo Spider on said:

    I have never seen or heard of a “Willy Wagtail”, it looks cute! I must research it now to find out more about it. Beautiful photos and I’m envious of your trip!

  2. I LOVE the bug tracks!!!
    welcome back 🙂

  3. Work does provide angst. I begin work in a few day after a long absence. Meanwhile the Christmas holidays have provided angst via a broken sewer line on New Years Eve and now a major problem with the electric line which seems unfixable (?!)
    But by way of not whining, any country with a bird called a willy wagtail is a country I can admire. Welcome back. Great photos.

    • Thanks Carroll
      great to hear from you. Failing utilities would be a real problem in your winter, I’m guessing, so you’re hardly whining. Hope the return to work occurs with minimum angst!
      Willy Wagtails have the endearing habit of wiggling their butt (and therefore tail) for no apparent reason, explaining the name. They’re a type of flycatcher that has adapted well to human development – the one in the photo was in a small frangipani tree less than a metre from a path in the busy Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney.

  4. planaquarium on said:

    Great images, especially the curious little fish and toadstool!

  5. Wonderful photographs! And I very much like your tongue-in-cheek poem too. I’ve seen that smirk a few times!

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