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more of the kingdom

this Kingdom is
like prayers in
breaking voices,
rising from
the cracks of a poem

skyit is like
being surprised
by tears in the
of heroic deeds

a rush to the heart
in the fluid slide
of fingers
on silver strings

and a story
bursting like
an excited child
from life-
hardened lips


Some of this was inspired by Marie Howe’s wonderful poem “Part of Eve’s Discussion“. Image © Dan Trewear.


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11 thoughts on “more of the kingdom

  1. billiant!!
    ” the fluid slide
    of fingers
    on silver strings”
    Love that!

    • you know how much I love guitars. so much it’s a sin, sometimes.

      • on second read, its that first stanza that really grabs me.
        its magnificent.

        • Thanks Evelyn. I noticed lately that there were a few things which really moved me, things much greater than myself. The second stanza started with a question from my daughter about history (and not Australian this time please!), so I recounted some of what I knew of North American history, starting right from the probable ice-age migration of humans from Asia. By the time I started telling her about the Civil War and emancipation (obviously I’m filtering what I consider important!), and then the social rights movement and MLK in the 1960s, I had tears welling up. Happens quite a bit these days.

  2. Besides the blessing of reading your poem, which is excellent as usual, you have also blessed me by introducing Marie Howe. She is virtually a neighbor being in New Jersey, only 400 miles away, and I had not heard of her before.
    I would like to see you eventually publish a collection of your poems. Think about it.

    • Thanks, Carroll. Marie Howe’s “Part of Eve’s Discussion“ has been a favourite of mine for years.
      New Jersey is 400 miles from you? Wow, I didn’t realise you were so far north.
      Publish? I guess I need to think carefully about that. I’m going to my first ever poetry workshop on Sunday, so maybe there will be some discussion of publishing there.

  3. The nearest real city to me is Montreal. Just a few miles more and I am in Canada. We have friends who live on the banks of the St. Lawrence river and you can wave at Canadians – binoculars help.
    I have never been to a poetry workshop, but I had imagined you being more into the circle of writers. I hope it is an encouraging experience.

    • The poetry workshop was excellent. When I have time I’ll share a post about it (Semester started yesterday!). It was run by accomplished Aussie poet & author David Brooks.

      • I hope your new semester is going well. Perhaps I am getting jaded, or just old, but I find the effort of teaching to be inexpressibly wearying. I do teach only the general courses and so that may have something to do with it. Still I try to be enthusiastic in my presentations so that they can get something besides knowledge out of it all.
        But the real reason I am writing here is not to complain, but to thank you again for mentioning Marie Howe. I bought her book, The Good Thief, and find it excellent through and through. Have you read her poem The Meadows? She and Sylvia Plath and T.S. Eliot are now my favorites all time. Though I do have to be biased toward our native son Robert Frost (my father-in-law met Robert Frost once – Frost picked him up while hitch-hiking back in his college days). I must say, though, that I think you are heading to my most favored category. You are more than just a guy who writes poetry on the web; you appear to me to transcend the local.

  4. This is without a doubt my favorite thing I have read of yours thus far!

  5. So Your blog caught my eye cause I just love colours, and then I read this poem and was like, YES, glad I stopped by!!! I ABsolutely loved it! I wanted to say which bit in articular, but every stanza is just superb. Did I mention I liked it? haha :] I’ll be back! :] xx

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