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…trying to bring together poetry, a celebration of nature and humanity with all their imperfections and glory, an authentically human response to the christian gospel without triteness, and often a long, hard look at myself, with a southern-hemisphere flavour…

I created this blog after being encouraged to do so by my friend and neighbour who, like nearly everyone and everything else that will be posted here (including me), will remain anonymous for now.

The blog posts will contain my poems and probably other observations and stuff. Some of them may have been written quite a while ago (everything since about March 2011 is more or less new, however); some of them are more recent efforts. None of them are necessarily my ‘best’ work – they are what I felt like posting at the time. If you’ve been reading them, I hope you enjoyed them or that there was some emotional connection for you.

The title of the blog is from a haiku (actually senryū) sequence I wrote a long time ago, and because I still like both the poem and its title.

best, Dan Trewear

Dan Trewear is a pseudonym. There is a real person behind this blog, of course, and he lives in Australia, is a husband and a dad who works as a science academic and has had a couple of poems published here and there under his real name. There is more of a rant on why this blog exists on a post called Why?
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The images in the old banner (above) are mostly from, except the leftmost panel which is from a triptych by Gordon Bennett described at The new banner has art from various places around the web, includes artwork by Colin McCahon and Arthur Boyd, and a photograph by me.
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