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I saw this today in the sidebar of this blog:

(it was stuck on 999 for days).

So, thanks to everyone who visits, likes, comments and follows, even given my sporadic posting habits. This is a very meaningful experience for me and, if you’re reading this, you’re one of the people who help to make it even more worthwhile.

Peace to all,


spider time

I first saw her after catching a glimpse of her golden web, hanging between she-oak trees in the late afternoon sun as I cycled home from work.


Golden orb–weaving spiders

With no camera, and the comfortable domestic pleasures of Friday evening enticing me on, I didn’t stop to have a closer look. Of course the memory of a golden-webbed spider large enough to be seen while travelling, looking back, and from several metres away, was sufficient motivation to return to take photographs.

She is a Golden Orb Weaver, Nephila edulis, apparently widespread in Australia, especially Western Australia where this photograph was taken (in the urban bushland of Kings Park in Perth). Unfortunately the morning light, or perhaps the aging of the web, has lost the golden sparkle which originally caught my attention. Apparently the ‘edulis‘ part of her name means that the spider herself is edible; she is at least a mouthful, with a body length of 3-4 cm.

Just below and to the left of the mess of her food waste in the web, mainly insect exoskeletons, her male partner can be seen.

The link to information has some more astonishing photographs, including one of a small bird caught in the web and being consumed by a female Golden Orb Weaver.

P.S. Geek note – the photo was taken with a Sony compact, can’t remember the model. I used to have the same sort of thing in Olympus. All my photos on this blog are taken with one or other.

westward leading


North Shore Strip

“I’m back”,
he said, “and
those in the know will
figure out,
from the photographs,
where I’ve been”, with
that annoying smirk and
wink of those with
secrets. Read more…

neverman rides east

Dear readers
another excuse, sorry. I’m off on holiday with my family until mid January. Looking forward to re-immersing in everyone’s writing then.
Best, –Dan

birthday suit

A new theme to mark the first birthday of the colour of our lives.

As WordPress puts it…

Bold Life lends itself well to blogs and journals … [and it has a] … custom background feature, a custom header image, and a custom menu.

…and I liked the look of it. Plus it puts the categories and tags after the post – they were at the top in the last theme, and I never really liked that. And, to make the change really substantial, the old theme is no longer available…

mandorla header

Garden brag book

Western Australia is a biodiversity hotspot – even in suburbia…
…and, yes, the photos below are really all taken in our own garden!


Spring Garden


Grevillea 'Superb'

Read more…




I changed it, then changed it back. I like the drawing my daughter did when she was three, better than the one she did now she is eight; she sees me too clearly now for comfort






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