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Photo gallery


17 thoughts on “Photo gallery

  1. thank you for dropping by! lovely images!

  2. that strawberry picture is absolutely drool inducing…

  3. Evelyn on said:

    Matilda Bay Sunrise is now my wallpaper.

    • Oh, that’s very flattering (but don’t stop). That photograph is possibly my favourite in the whole gallery, and there’s a story behind it which may get poemed (poed? a la Les Murray?) one day…

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  5. your image for the moment looks cool – at first, i thought the butterfly was on a pillow!

    • Thank you – the photo was taken at the butterfly sanctuary, Kuranda, tropical north Queensland, Australia. A wonderful part of the world; reef and rainforest.

      • i was about to complain that butterflies never stay still long enough for me to capture them, but then i remembered this one in my parents’ yard.

        • Something interesting the staff from Kuranda mentioned – some butterflies fly frantically, wear themselves out, and die very young (like the beautiful Ulysses; I was never successful photographing these). Others are more sedate and live much longer. Apart from any crass anthropomorphic parable here, this does suggest that butterfly photography is as much about species as luck… love your series of shots at your parents’ place, by the way. Looks like this was before you started linking your wonderful poems in…

          • oh yes, i started doing that daily after we lost Grandpa. this photo was taken the day before my birthday, and the turtle ON my birthday – so, lovely little gifts from nature.

            • Oh, that’s sad… maybe that’s the intensity in your work I noticed at first. You have a September birthday? – me too. Happy Birthday for later (I’m hopeless at remembering birthdays, would forget my own if not for my girls, so I’ll say it now for you 😉 ) Looks like your birthday meal in 2009 was amazing!

          • ha – oh yes, a friend of the family invited us to dinner that year to celebrate my dad and my birthdays together. his is in October. it was the first time i had eaten a “traditional” birthday meal – eggs with a word for prosperity written on it and “long-life” noodles, in which the noodles are not “cut.” happy birthday to you, too.

            yes, it happened in February 2010, pretty suffocating. maybe that’s the equilibrium to manage – teetering between intensity…and intensity.

  6. ‘Dan’ – Nice stuff ! I’m glad that my buddy Carroll told me about you. I am partial to such stuff as ‘Dead trees in saltland’. Drop by my blog sometime – the ‘Adcock Aesthetica’ link has a small sampling of photos. Maybe I’ll get some Joplin tornado photos posted soon. G’day !

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