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senryū sighs

the orchids are back
– yellow Caladenia
piercing spring-warm soil


an ocean away
long white clouds beckoning me
from a red desert


lasting brief moments
half seen faces of lovers
disturbing your dreams


another coffee
fragrant steam rising upwards


nervous, I enter
the doctor prods and listens
recommends blood tests


lines traverse paper
a pattern of dark and light
from sunlight through blinds


a heart in silence
lonelier than the new moon
flickering through cloud

the hands of the earth

In small ratcheting voices
creekline frogs name their
watercourses: creak, creak,
see-saw then hush     as if

taller eyes might get a bearing.
Over the distant groans of the
highway, a morphing aluminous
sky pushes cool air through

spring-green eucalypts into
fields of hissing weeds, dancing
seedheads above soil and stones
the colour of upturned palms.

Black ants hurry in parallel
queues with no beginning or
end, searching the hands of
the earth for invisible bounty.

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