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He is turning the rock to a pool of waters,
hard soil that now breeds thistle
softening to fragrant loam;
arid and unyielding granite
weathering to supple clay.
Adam’s curse of life and time
dissolved by divine chemistry;
The flint to a fountain of waters!

Psalm 114:8 [1]

Psalm 114



without honour

only a few of the sick in Nazareth
made the best of that short stay and
while he blessed those poor spirited ones
his childhood friends stayed out of reach

sure, he was full of life as a child
and he’d stand by even the kids whose
families suffered the long drought and
those two years the fish didn’t school

but leaving and returning like this?
– speaking with an authority even the noble
Joseph didn’t have until the day he died –
this was too much to bear

many meanwhiles since we continue those
long-held traditions. in our case we’ve somehow
reduced him to a sunday self-help guru,
making every town the prophet’s home

Luke 18:16

A midrash

Let the little children come unto Me,
and do not hinder them

in their prayers. It’s as though God is
tucking her in to bed when she reminds
Him of her birthday, and invites Him to
her party. She wonders if He knows
about pass the parcel, and which of her
friends are coming, and of course that
the summer party is down by the river
and that there will be swimming. This is,
for her, as natural as breathing; she is too
young and free to second guess Him.
Never doubting whether He
shares her excitement and passion,
she overflows in joyful prayer.
for the kingdom of God belongs
to such as these

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