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found poem

…but if you want to dumb it down to geography
“East is East, and West is West”1
it naturally oscillates
history, literature, biography, art, religion;
revolution, spreading the true
Qualities of Angels.

Energy, with a slight chance of causing moderate fire;
please stay out of here, unless
in trouble,
“thy soul with crosses and with cares”2.

Whether or not it hurts
a state of total nakedness, as at birth
engaged in a discussion about power,
cut from the trees
near the beginning
of the world.

1 From ‘The Ballad of East and West‘ by Rudyard Kipling
2 From “Mother Hubbard’s Tale” by Edmund Spenser

The rules:
For each line,
1. highlight the titles of successive posts on blog
2. right-click ‘search Google for “. . .” ‘
3. choose some words from the first page of search results
4. add punctuation, capitalisation as desired.
[Some of the control lost in steps 1. and 2. is regained in steps 3. and 4.]
Repeat 1.-4. until finished.


or not to work


spy colleague
the other way

social net

scoop coffee
water: blissful


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