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if I lose my form
to the void • will the Spirit
soar over my face?


under cypress leaves

under cypress leaves
soft breeze pushes riverward
– dancing points of light


beyond the river
city stains scarp-horizon-sky
– yellow fades to blue


wind-stuccoed water
under incandescent sun
– golden radiance


over golden sand
clear water rippling shoreward
bands of pollen grains


lone resting human
bicycle leans on park bench
tired eyes squint east


Matilda Bay sunrise

senryū sighs

the orchids are back
– yellow Caladenia
piercing spring-warm soil


an ocean away
long white clouds beckoning me
from a red desert


lasting brief moments
half seen faces of lovers
disturbing your dreams


another coffee
fragrant steam rising upwards


nervous, I enter
the doctor prods and listens
recommends blood tests


lines traverse paper
a pattern of dark and light
from sunlight through blinds


a heart in silence
lonelier than the new moon
flickering through cloud

autumn subtleties

at green fibre tips
points of forest-filtered light
– track-cutter’s wounds
Xanthorrhoea pruned
 a crowd of marris  standing ready
to catch us with their grandeur
hush! the east wind
 parched and brittle
a fur-like skin of moss waits
winter rain will come
 Dry moss in autumn
 Bark whorls kissed by embers
bark whorled like human skin
scars of identity


a radiant dawn
an anxious rush to the stop
misses the moment

wires droop from ears
every seat a separate world
– no eye contact

after the bus
the corner of his eye weeps
tears in the cool air

music in his ears
walking out of time

haiku/senryū from Godzone

September 2004

peacock-feathered bride
treads carefully on wet grass
– congregation shivers
wet falling snow
fairytale bride and groom
kiss once, then smile
the southern sky
an ocean of steely cloud
daffodils swaying
tulip leaf, dark earth
silver droplets over green
further back, birdsong
timbers creak
bitter breeze gusts northward
dark gull labours south
television blares
four friends gather to eat
conversations stumble
over sea and desert
telephone line links friends
between voices, birdsong
poignant lines of verse
describe the visible world
— touching the unseen
depths of dark river
under my feet, pale fins flash
sleek trout caught napping
refrigerator door
enough milk for children
inside, I smile
fuzz-flowered willows
squeeze soft frog-green leaves
from bulging buds
smoke and Chinese spice —
smiling dark-haired families
volley shuttlecocks
crooked mountain teeth
gaps overflow with moist cloud
sunrays shine silver
seven fat kereru
perch, wet, on streetlights
omens of joy
iridescent kereru
perched secure in icy wind
Buddhas with feathers
sundance on river
dark fins rise and fall
dolphins’ soft breath
a ring of bellbirds
invisible forest choir
sings hymns of peace
aunt and her niece
share red hair and secrets
the youngster smiles

Haiku and senryu from Nathanael’s Rest

17 November 2009

in rainsmell air
bronzewing pigeons lowing
like feathered cows

daughter, writing
asks me how to spell a word
“start it off”, I say
fragrant humus
subtle spice of eucalypts
a forest’s perfume

quiet kookaburras
thirty seconds earlier
laughing at the sky

sun breaks from grey cloud
two green parrots glow in flight
and land, quietly

domestic Tanka

bicycle fixed
a spell of gardening
the path is swept —
distracting himself
while wife and daughter sleep

fetching the paper
in the baby-blue dawn
she spies a bright star
that special one’s mine, she says
bright Venus, racing the sun

of a cool morning
we buy fresh vegetables, fruit
and stop for coffee
“babyccino not too hot,
lady, it burns my tongue”

always her shoes first
then preferably her socks
bare feet are best.

senryū for variety 


running us ragged
a pixie with a dynamo
and fuel to burn —
different blessings come
with stories and quiet hugs

his scientist’s eyes
brighten with a challenge
of the mind —
within, a poet’s heart
cringes and slowly withers

the colour of our lives (blog theme poem)

(this poem has its own page, too)

we play and posture
yet always cry sincerely
bare beneath our dream

a summer bushland
perfumed with eucalyptus
you hold hands with God

we sit in silence
stalemate of our stubborn wills;
wait – the thrust of Grace!

evening wine and song
campfire sparks with She-oak; we
claim an ancient theme

dandling friends’ children
is bittersweet with longing:
dreaming, you find hope

clear ocean like glass
vivid life concealed below
floating on heaven

October 2001

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