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blue_bikethey all have
phones and intense

powers of

worlds in their
friends on their mind

he rides a
blue bicycle

picks up good
of string and wire

in case they
become useful

Image from seeker-of-revelation at deviantart

under cypress leaves

under cypress leaves
soft breeze pushes riverward
– dancing points of light


beyond the river
city stains scarp-horizon-sky
– yellow fades to blue


wind-stuccoed water
under incandescent sun
– golden radiance


over golden sand
clear water rippling shoreward
bands of pollen grains


lone resting human
bicycle leans on park bench
tired eyes squint east


Matilda Bay sunrise

senryū sighs

the orchids are back
– yellow Caladenia
piercing spring-warm soil


an ocean away
long white clouds beckoning me
from a red desert


lasting brief moments
half seen faces of lovers
disturbing your dreams


another coffee
fragrant steam rising upwards


nervous, I enter
the doctor prods and listens
recommends blood tests


lines traverse paper
a pattern of dark and light
from sunlight through blinds


a heart in silence
lonelier than the new moon
flickering through cloud


tolimanI know a man in my street who
every night opens his front door
and wanders out into the night, where
the tense, crouching roar of the city is
mercifully interspersed with the
soothing hiss of wind-teased eucalypts
and gentle nocturnal songs of courtship.
Walking around his car, he checks
the windows and doors; satisfied in
its security, he steps out from under
the eaves, head up, searching the sky,
eyes drawn to bright Toliman and
Achernar, high in the southern sky.

He straightens his neck, lowering his
gaze to the east, to city lights lighting
up dusky, gold, on the waiting clouds.
As he secures his house once more,
in a silent farewell to the small creatures
of the night, I hope that, one day soon,
he finds the sign he seeks.


pull out

pull out
those headphones
the music sings and soothes
but the tree frogs
are calling softly in
the twilight and
you are walking
to the ones you love

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